Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gender Reveal!

Well, it's official, we're having a......


We couldn't be more thrilled. Not that we were going to be disappointed either way, but it's just nice to know for sure. I thought Matt would spontaneously combust this morning, he was so filled to the brim with excitement! It was adorable. It was also his first time seeing the baby in person since he wasn't able to be at my first ultrasound. I loved seeing him in awe of our baby's little movements. I actually have to go back tomorrow so that they can hopefully get a better view of the heart, not that anything is wrong, but our little boy had his arms crossed and over his chest so they couldn't get a really clear view. We had some views but I guess they weren't extensive enough or something. So that settles it, this summer I will have three new nephews and a son (all within about a month and a half of each other)! I guess the boys have it this year! And for your viewing pleasure, here is a profile view of our little boy:

Also, he is in the 50th percentile for size which I'm very happy with - the less I have to push out, the better. The doctor also said I was doing really well, all my vitals and tests were good, and that's always nice to hear. Since my first appointment, I've gained about two pounds which is a little inaccurate since I think I lost weight after my first appointment there, so I've probably gained a little more, but I think I'm in the healthy range. Anyway, we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received. Thank you all for your sweet comments and words of encouragement! Trust that I read and truly take to heart all of your kindnesses.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break and Impending Gender Discovery

So it's been a few weeks, but after being gone for a week it kind of threw off my flow. Not that I'm very consistent at blogging but I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch (since I know you all are on the edge of your seat to hear about my life).

We had a wonderful spring break filled with sand, sun, and lots of food. Isn't eating what cruises are for? That and having the waves lull you to sleep at night? We went with Matt's parents and it was so much fun. My favorite parts were sleeping so soundly, not having to think about what to feed myself (seriously, it's exhausting to have to think of and then fix something to eat so frequently), spending time with Bill and Karen, and most of all, being able to spend so much time with Matt without school constantly looming over our heads. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Karen and Bill - Dinner the first night

Matt and me- Dinner the first night

Formal night

Formal night

We had no idea the salad would be this big! I think it could have fed a small country.

Beach in Nassau, Bahamas

Shaved Ice- It was delicious

Second formal night

Second formal night

Dinner at David's Steakhouse

Dinner at David's Steakhouse

Now that's what I call Cheesecake!
So that was some highlights of the cruise. I recommend going on one if you haven't, and if you have. Now on to pregnancy news. I'm 19 weeks, so I'm nearing the halfway point. I'm starting to feel pregnant in a "I am feeling really fat" kind of way. I also think I'm carrying low because I'm just now starting to show. Since I'm naturally curvy, I think that  made it take longer for me to start showing, that and it's my first pregnancy. My sister, Carrie, who is pregnant with her fifth said that after the first, your abs tend to give up trying to pretend you're not pregnant, no matter how thin you were to begin with. I think being 5'-9" also helps. Here's a picture I took today:

I think I have felt the baby move a couple times. It was like a couple little thumps in my belly, but it was so soft it was practically unrecognizable. I'm also experiencing serious desires to nest and start buying things for the baby's room. I've only bought a couple things, but soon it will be much easier to plan because on Wednesday morning....


Can you tell we're excited? I don't think I have ever seen Matt so excited (except maybe before we got married). He's seriously like a kid in a candy store. Earlier this evening he was looking at VCU and BYU infant merchandise. Often he'll get this look of unadulterated joy and excitement on his face and remind me that we are finding out so soon (as if I could forget). I can honestly say we will be equally thrilled no matter what the gender is. Matt is convinced it's a girl. I have absolutely no idea. Whenever he asks me what I think the baby is, I just tell him that I'm pretty sure it's human. If not, there will be some serious confusion.

Do any of my faithful followers have premonitions or hunches as to what the gender will be? We will certainly keep you posted!