Thursday, April 19, 2012

22 1/2 Weeks!

Well folks, we're almost at 23 weeks! I can hardly believe it! Karen, my mother-in-law, says she always breathes a sigh of relief when her girls hit 23 weeks in their pregnancies because then the baby is considered viable outside of the womb. Luckily, in only a couple more days I will be there. I'm feeling pretty good for the most parts. I have days when I'm not feeling the greatest, but at least it's not constant like it was during my first trimester. In case any of you remember, I had to go in to get another ultrasound so they could get more pictures of his heart since he was folding his arms and being so reverent when I had gone in before. He has gotten bigger and has been moving more so they were able to get all the shots they needed. Thank goodness! Not that I don't love getting to see my little one on the screen, but it's a little tedious going in three times. He was trying to stick his fist in his mouth which was pretty cute, I must say. I'm also growing more accustomed to his schedule. He's pretty consistent as to the times during each day when he's moving around. Unfortunately, it's typically when Matt is at school. Sometimes he'll be moving around a bit in the evening so I'll try to be aware enough so that I can get Matt's hand on my ever expanding belly. If he's lucky, the little guy will cooperate enough to at least give a couple of taps that Matt can feel.

I'm starting to show more and more. I think my uterus is growing vertically more than horizontally at this point. Don't get me wrong, I can totally tell I'm pregnant, but depending on what I wear, sometimes it's not as obvious to other people so I just worry I'm looking pudgy in my midsection. But I'm sure that soon it will be blatantly obvious that I am pregnant and not just gaining weight.
21 1/2 Weeks
In other news, we are going to Oregon on Cinco de Mayo because Matt has a break in between semesters. We really got gypped when we went for Christmas since I was so sick so I'm excited to at least have a few days with my family there. My wonderful mom and sister, Carrie, are throwing me a baby shower while we're there for which I'm insanely grateful. Another reason for the Oregon trip is to drive my car back to Richmond. I'm not really a fan of road trips, but since it's basically going to cost the same as it would if we were to ship my car and we get the added benefit of seeing my family and getting to pack my car full of my possessions that have been left in Oregon since we got married, we felt like this was the best way to do it. So yes, while I would much rather fly across the country than drive, I'd rather be in the car with Matt if he were to get into some terrible accident and have us die together than be left alone. I know this sounds macabre, but it's true. Anyway, the whole point is that I'm VERY excited to get to see my family. 

I'm having lots of fun planning the baby's room, too. Soon, I'll post some pictures of items we have purchased and inspiration photos and the like so you can all see what I'm thinking. Until then, you can take a look at my Pinterest account here